27.11.2010 г.

English Hungarian Glossary

Social contacts

Good morning Jó reggelt.
Good day /Good afternoon Jó napot.
Good evening Jó estét.
Good night Jó éjszakát.
How are you? Hogy vagy?
Very well, thank you Nagyon jól köszönöm.
Would you like to…? Szeretnél…….?
Yes, I would Igen, szeretnék.
Your health! Egészségedre!
Excuse me Elnézést.
My name is… A nevem…
May I ask your name? Megkérdezhetem a nevét?
I am glad to meet you. Örülök a találkozásnak.
Where do you live? Hol laksz?
My address is… A címem…
Do you smoke? Dohányzol?
Give one cigarette then. Akkor adj egy cigit.
Would you like something to drink? Kérsz inni valamit?
How old are you? Hány eves vagy?
I`m 17. Tizenhét eves vagyok.
When were you born? Hol születtél?
What do you do? Mi a foglalkozása?
I`m an accountant. Könyvelő vagyok.
Do you know what time is it ? Tudod mennyi az idő?
Its 10 o`clock. 10 óra van.
What day is it today? Milyen nap van ma?
Its Monday. Hétfő van.
Do you know what the weather forecast is? Tudod, mi az időjárás előrejelzés?
It`s going to rain. Esni fog.
Where can I exchange my foreign money? Hol válthatok valutát?
Please can you tell me when there`s a train for ? Meg tudná mondani, mikor van vonat…ba, kérem?
Where do I get ticket for ….. please? Hol kaphatok jegyet a …hoz, kérem?
Where is the way out,please ? Hol van a kijárat, kérem?
Which bus can I take to the town? Melyik busszal jutok el a városba?
How can I get a taxi, please? Hol kaphatok taxit, kérem?
Is….far ? A…messze van?
Excuse me, is this the road to….? Elnézést! Ez az út visz…hoz?
Excuse me, how can I get to the…..Hotel? Elnézést! Meg tudná mondani, hogy jutok a ….hotelhez?
Do you know where…..is, please? Meg tudná mondani, hol van a…?
Which is….Street, please? Melyik a …utca, kérem?
Does this bus go to…? Ez a busz a …hoz megy?
Where must I get down for….? Hol kell leszállnom a …hoz?
Is there a taxi near here? Van a közelben taxi?
Are any tables free here? Van itt szabad asztal?
Please bring me….? Kérem, adjon nekem…
The bill please. A számlát, kérem…
Please give me change for this 1000 forint note. Kérem adjon ezért az ezresért aprót.
Can you let me have some change? Tudna adni nekem aprót?
What are you doing tomorrow? Mit csinálsz holnap?
Where can I find…? Hol találom a….?
Where is the fitting room? Hol van a próbafülke?
What size do you take? Mi a mérete?
Can I try on these shoes? Felpróbálhatom ezeket a cipőket?
What wines have you got? Milyen boruk van?
Do you know if there is a letter box near here? Van a közelben postaláda?
Is there a telephone(box) anywhere here? Van a közelben telefonfülke?
I want to see the city.Would you come with me? Szeretném megnézni a várost. Jössz velem?
I like Pie! Szeretem a pitét.

17.11.2010 г.

Day of Tolerance in our school

Day of Tolerance in our school

We celebrated the Tolerance day in our school by organizing both serious and fun activities. We had an exhibition of posters, lessons on tolerance in lower secondary school, a theatre performance for primary students played by a group from Cracow and a competition for the craziest outfit. It was a memorable and enjoyable event!

Lesson on Tolerance with Magda, the school counsellor

Day for Tolerance

16th November,2011, International Day for Tolerance

The International Day for Tolerance has been celebrated worldwide since 1996. This year it was celebrated in our school as well.
The T.I.M.E. team announced a competition on tolerance in mid October. Entries were a pleasant surprise. Many students took part in the competition and proved that “tolerance’ is not a mere word in our school. It was extremely difficult for the committee to make their final decision and choice.
The winners were announced and rewarded on a special celebration for the Day for Tolerance on 16th November. Students, teachers and staff also signed the Declaration of Tolerance. The latter was signed by Mr. Ginyo Matev, the mayor of Trakia Residential District, on the previous day.
Acknowledgement to all participants and their class teachers Katya Simeonova, Minka Kirova, Milka Krushkova, Sheni Uzunova, Sylvia Dimova, Irina Daskalova, Albena Borisova ,etc.

The poems awarded 1st and the special prize made each of us think about our deeds. And if that were done by far more people and on far more occasions “Life would be more beautiful than a song, more beautiful than a day in spring” as our great poet Nikola Vaptsarov wrote many years ago.

9.11.2010 г.

The boys are preparing the exhibition with entries

Competition entries

9th November,2010
The T.I.M.E. team considered carefully all entries and singled out the best ones.Winners and awards will be officially announced at the school celebration on 16th November, the Day for Tolerance.