18.12.2010 г.

Planting the tree of tolerance and friendship

In token of friendship,tolerance and ICD

Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures.
Appreciating other countries` cultural and natural heritage brings about mutual understanding and respect for cultural diversity , also raising awareness of the contribution of different cultures to the member states` heritage.
That was the reason ,students from Doga Colleges,Uskodar and the T.I.M.E team of St.Sofrony Vrachanski got acquainted with 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in their partner`s country through various tasks they carried out together during the Geography lesson they all attended.
The aim of the lesson was to strengthen respect for cultural diversity and the coexistence of different cultural identities and beliefs and to recognise that intercultural dialogue and tolerance are essential for learning to live together in harmony.

Meeting the mayor

17.12.2010 г.

Tolerance and Intercultural Dialogue

From 14th to 16th December, 2010 , the Bulgarian T.I.M.E. team had guests from Uskudar Doga Anadolu Lisesi, Istanbul. The student exchange visit was planned as a part of the activities, intended to make participants meet other cultures and become more aware of cultural diversity and the need of knowing foreign cultures and languages. It provided an opportunity for an intercultural dialogue, an open and respectful exchange of world views and interaction between young people from both schools.
Moreover, it  highlighted the contribution of our cultures to the European heritage and way of life and recognized that intercultural dialogue is essential for learning to live together in harmony.
      We hope the exchanged visits between our schools will be of benefit to both students and teachers and will develop our students` social skills and life competences further more.
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3.12.2010 г.

Alley of Friendship, Tolerance and Intercultural dialogue

Today, 3rd December, 2010, the T.I.M.E Comenius team started the ALLEY of Friendship, Tolerance and Intercultural Dialogue, where each of the teams visiting our school will plant a tree.
We were honoured to have the Romanian team on a prep visit in our school plant the first one.
May success attend all those who work in the name of friendship, tolerance and intercultural dialogue between nations, religions, races and countries!