17.01.2011 г.

What our Drama and Literature workshop came across...

by John Leroy Maxwell
This is not a perfect World, we see things everyday..
That make us take a second look, or make us turn away..
The heart of man has turned to stone, and compassion
is not found.. We've taken Love and Friendship, and
beat them to the ground.. No longer do we hold our Hopes
and all our Dreams so dear.. At any given moment, we
will trade them in for fear.. Let's end this reign of violence,
and halt these evil designs.. We are all in this as one
Human Race, to that we must resign.. So please reach out,
so all of us, cease the malice and the pain.. And maybe
one day soon, we'll hear Sweet Music in the Rain..
So as you kneel and Pray to God for a better life for all..
Ask that Peace and Tolerance be placed visible on the Wall.

16.01.2011 г.

Tolerance glossary

                        G L O S S A R Y
Accept  - to take people and things as  they are
Acceptance - Favorable reception or approval of culture that are different from one’s own.
Appreciate – to enjoy or value something or someone
Bias  - A personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment or prejudice.
Discrimination - A prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment of someone because of a difference.
Intolerance - A negative opinion formed without just grounds or before enough knowledge about an individual, a group, or race is known.
Prejudice -  A negative, irrational attitude toward a group of people. Negative judgment without basis.
Stereotype - the belief that all people in a certain group have common characteristics and behaviors.
Scapegoating - the transfer of shame, fear, and suffering from one group to another and the acting out of aggression on that group.
Tolerance -The capacity for or practice of recognizing and respecting the opinions, practices, or behavior of others

6.01.2011 г.

Our project ideas are spreading around school....
Tolerance also means a respectful exchange or interaction between young people with different cultural backgrounds or world views.
In this sense, intercultural dialogue processes or encounters go beyond a mere 'tolerance of the other' . And our 5th graders started their own campaign for intercultural dialogue by exchanging letters and postcards with peers from Turkey and Poland.
.Thus, our project ideas cross borders ...