27.02.2011 г.

Shall we sing together?

Let`s choose a song, we can all sing at our meetings! Each team will sing one stanza in their own language and learn 2 in the other two languages,the refrain - in English.You may upload your suggestions in our Facebook page.After we decide on the song,we will exchange the lyrics in our languages.

16.02.2011 г.

4d/4г/ - the most active and numerous participants in T.I.M.E. competition

2b in front of their Wall of tolerance and good deeds

Interviews with students and teachers from St. Sofrony Vrachanski

1. Have you heard about the T.I.M.E. project in school? Do you know that it deals with tolerance?

2. How did you learn about it?

3. Have you ever taken part in any of its activities ,e.g. the T.I.M.E competition, the Day for tolerance,the visit of DOGA students from Turkey which aimed at establishing relationships of tolerance to differences, friendship and intercultural dialogue?

4. Did you learn more about tolerance? Do you think we need tolerance in our everyday life?

5. Would you take part in the Art Festival on tolerance on 9th May which will be held in school?

9.02.2011 г.

Workshop meetings and activities

Comenius corners,noticeboards,etc. at St.Sofrony Vrachanski