7.12.2011 г.

Survey on public opinion - project,events,activities in general

The survey was carried out on the Day for Tolerance. The Craziest Outfit Fashion Show was the way we celebrated  the latter this year.The results summarized opinions and attitudes of both people  at school and in the neighbourhood .
87% of the interviewed knew that it was the Day for Tolerance. Everybody agreed the show was an appropriate way of celebrating it and that it was a great fun.The nearby shops "buzzed" with the news,people kept explaining to each other why the children were dressed like that and what was the excitement all about.
This time everybody knew that our school works on a project on tolerance /T.I.M.E/ and admitted that the project "has made" us more tolerant to differences.
And although there were people who had not taken part in the events/10%/,  they all said it was good to have them at school, that it broke the monotony of everyday life and made everybody think about tolerant attitudes and behaviour,about  the important things in life,etc.
All the participants in the show said they had a great fun being able to display their tastes in clothes, hairstyle and make-up and stay dressed in the clothes they`d put on the whole day - the way  they had often dreamed of!

5.12.2011 г.