10.07.2012 г.

Exhibitions for local community members

We organised 3 exhibitons for local community members and representatives of other schools to disseminate our project results.Taking the opportunity that our school is an Admission Centre this year and many school children from the region/ other regions as well/ come here together with their parents and teachers, we set the biggest exhibition in school.We told the story of our project in photos. We also played videos about the unforgettable moments we had  had.

5.07.2012 г.


Project results and outcomes were included into Plovdiv's Public TV commercial on our school.Thus they could reach a wider public than materials published in other media.

Materials sent to and published in electronic and other media 

30.06.2012 г.


   School is a desired territory when we both learn and have fun.
The T.I.M.E. Comenius project turned our school into a desired territory as
-          IT instilled tolerance to cultural, religious and socio-economic differences through various activities and forms of artistic expression.
-          It was a means for fostering key competences in a wide range of subjects and topics like Languages, Literature, Social/Civic Studies, Music, Arts, Drama, ICT, culture, religion, European values.
-          We could express our ideas about tolerance in various artistic forms.
-           Participation in different activities instilled tolerance, developed our sensitivity towards the problem of intolerance, enhanced our communication and interaction skills and taught us how to live in a multicultural Europe.
      -   It offered us attractive forms of spending our free time.
-          It helped us develop key learning competences such as communication, discussing, looking for information, classifying, sharing and presenting information.
We were exposed to unusual circumstances but we managed to deal with the situations with flying colours.
We had unforgettable moments and glimpses from the countries w

- became more aware of cultural diversity and the need of knowing foreign cultures and languages.
- We had an opportunity for an intercultural dialogue, an open and respectful exchange of world views and interaction between young people from different countries.

- developed key life competences and social skills.
- crossed socio-economic, cultural , religious and ethnic borders and  broadened our minds/ broaden the horizons in  terms of understanding foreign values, cultures and  customs/,
- learned to understand and respect differences
- developed linguistic, artistic and interpersonal skills and became more confident
- had the opportunity to travel and get to know countries, members of the European Community
recognized that intercultural dialogue is essential for learning to live together in harmony.

- developed sensitivity towards the problem of intolerance, enhanced communication and interaction skills and got guidelines how to become more tolerant and how to live in a multicultural Europe.

And maybe some day we will become the builders of the society and the world we all dream of.

 In conclusion
If more people took part in projects like ours,” life would be more beautiful than a song” as our great poet Vaptsarov wrote years ago.