30.04.2011 г.

Tolerance in action

Our team took part in a charity activity in the campus of DOGA High School ,Istanbul . Our visit there was part of our way to achieving the goals of the T.I.M.E. Comenius project, namely dissemination of project ideas, promotion of intercultural dialogue,providing and getting  guidelines for tolerant behaviour,showing that
people of different cultural backgrounds are able to work together to promote European values,etc. and putting what we have learned so far into practice. Taking part in this charity action ,seeing the smiling faces of those socially and economically disadvantaged kids made us realize once again that we are on the right way....

16.04.2011 г.

T.I.M.E Comenius Meeting In Bulgaria 7th-12th April, 2011

                                             Working Programme

Day One, 7th May – Conference Day – to get introduced and prepare for
                                  the Art Festival Day
           9 am               Welcoming
         10 am               School and team presentations
         12 am – 2 pm    Lunch time – lunch at the nearest restaurant
           2 pm – 4 pm    Presentations on workshops and products, proposals for      
                                  murals, drawings, graffiti, etc..
           4 pm -  4.30    Coffee /Tea Break
           4.30  -  5.30     Discussionlogo; allotment of tasks for the festival; joint
                                                        teams; clarifying ideas on activities and final
                          products,  glossary; 
           5.30 – 8pm  -A stroll downtown /to show our guests around and also 
                                  show them the way to their hotel from the city centre/

Day Two, 8th May -
An excursion to Sofia
7.30 am             Leaving for Sofia
10am-11am      St Alexander Nevsky`s Cathedral – the National Assembly
11-11.15 am     Changing of Guards ceremony in front of the President` s
11.15-12 noon   National Art Gallery, the Round Church, United Teddy Bears
12-1 pm              Lunch 
1-1.30                 back to starting point
                            /using another itinerary – more places of interest/
1.30-2pm            a trip to the National Historical Museum
2-4 pm                Visiting the National Historical Museum
4 -5pm                 Bells Complex/ Piece Banner Assembly   
5pm                      Leaving for Plovdiv
Free evening 

Day Three, 9th May, Festival Day  - to disseminate the project ideas through
                                                            artistic expression and taking part in
                                                            Europe Day celebrations
         9-10 am      - Final preparations
         10 am          - Opening Ceremony / Mr Riskov- or the mayor- addresses
                                    the participants/
         10.15 -10.30  - Clarifying rules, tasks, etc. Participants are divided into
                                   groups according to age and  the team in charge takes
                                   them to the drawing site. Task may be explained via
                                   overhead projector to everybody so that it will be easier
                                   for some to choose what they would like to do
         10.30- 12.30   - Drawing and painting for tolerance
         12.30-1pm      - Seeing-off Ceremony / we see the graduates off/.
                                   Changing Banner Bearers Ceremony
         1-1.30pm        - Lunch for the guests – Catering Service
         1.30 -2pm       - Puppet show performance on tolerance – graduate
                                   students` greeting for our guests
         2pm                - Join in the celebration and events in honour of Europe
                                   Day in Plovdiv/downtown/
                                - take the opportunity to disseminate project ideas 

Day Four, 10th May 
                                   -  A visit to Asenovgrad /the Little Jerusalem /, a nearby 
                                      city, populated by ethnic minorities,     
                                   -  Assen`s Fortress -  or Bachkovo Monastery
                                       /tolerance to religious differences/
-         Lunch at 40 Springs Complex, organized by the
Tourist Agency in the open/ barbecue/
Rounding up Festival Day, photos and films; interviews, getting to know each other furthermore. Some work on the glossary.
Evening - free

Day Five, 11th May
10- 11 am                 - Take part in St. Cyril and St. Metodius Day Celebration –
                                   meeting students from other schools in Plovdiv and
                                   disseminating project ideas.
11.30– 1.30 pm       - Visiting galleries in Plovdiv; sightseeing in the main street
                                    and the Old Town  
2 pm                          - Lunch
Free Afternoon          - Getting ready for the party      
6 pm -10 pm              -   A Farewell Party

Day Six, 12th May 
10 am                         - A Farewell ceremony at school - participants are given
                                     Certificates of Attendance, a tree is to be planted in the
                                     Alley of Tolerance
                                   - Departure of the Polish team; Shopping and free time
                                     for the Hungarian team